Saturday, 6 April 2013

Smart ARTS Launch Party 2013

Smart Arts Mini-Fest Launch Party!

Last night YOLK Collective checked out the Smarts ARTS Mini-Fest Launch Party and asked some of the crowd a couple of questions.

How did you find out about Smart ARTS?

This is my second year helping out with Smart ARTS and I'm a City of Sydney resident... and it's good to help out with the community for such a great artistic program. Last year we had a lot going on, and this year it has been scaled down in a really great way. I'm glad to be back.
- Kelly (Smart ARTS Committee Member)

Kelly from Smart ARTS making badges

I was looking for creative courses to do - and I saw this in the street mag Drum Media... I've always liked art and anything creative and have done events management courses at school, so this seems like a great way to get involved in something interesting and arty.
- Melissa (Smart ARTS Committee Member)

I heard about this from the YOLK Collective Facebook!
- Tom Malek (Artist in the '20x20 Vision' Exhibition)

no.53 - Thomas James Malek, 'Thousand Yard Stare', $200
I heard about tonight from Jessie from Filthy Children.
- Kazu (COFA kid and Artist)

I'm here because Filthy Children are my favourite music Collective!
-  Alexei (Attendee and Fil Chil Fan)

Hugo from Baerfrens got us the slot for tonight. He used to be on the Smart ARTS Committee and kept in contact.
-  Ledesma (Member of Filthy Children)

What do you love about Smart ARTS?

I think I love working with all of the enthusiastic volunteers... It's definitely the people. This year we had people come back and volunteer again, which is really great!
- Bunkwaa (Street Artist)

Amazing art projections by Punk Monk Propaganda on the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre wall - in the centre is a pale blue rectangle covered in Bunkwaa Stars

I love the option to be creative! In my degree (Bachelor of Art Theory) there isn't always an opportunity to do that. It's a chance to meet new people in the industry.
- Kelly (Smart ARTS Committee Member)

I'm loving the atmosphere. The main wall is... ya know... I love it!
-  Ledesma (Member of Filthy Children)

Ledesma from Filthy Children

Everyone has a passion about art and culture! Youth Week is such a great thing and I don't think anywhere else does these types of creative things for Youth Week.
- Angela (Smart ARTS Committee Member)

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