Friday, 30 November 2012

Chatting to Upcoming Artist Nick Hall...

Q: So, you're a Sydney Based Artist - Did you go to Art School in Sydney?

Nick: Yeah, I completed my Bachelor of fine Arts at The National Art School in 2003. I majored in Painting. I had people like Wendy Sharpe, Bernard Ollis and Adam Cullen as my painting teachers...great times.    

 Q: And What kind of Career Adventures have you had since Leaving Art School?

Nick: Well, when I first finished, I was pretty determined that I didn't want to pursue a career in art. I actually had my sights set on something in science/animals/zookeeping, so I took myself off to Enmore Tafe to study Illustration. But around second semester of the diploma (at TAFE) I had a moment of clarity and decided that the commercial side of art was not for me.

So, then I decided that I would go find a shitty job and a gallery... I got a job working for Avon cosmetics (as a warehouse rat haha) and approached a gallery that had recently opened in Avalon - Soda Gallery. Soda Gallery gave me my first Solo Exhibition in October 2004.

Since then I've just been focusing on making work that challenges me, and keeps me interested. And just generally working hard on getting myself "out there," and getting my works seen.

Q: I Heard you Spent some Time down in Melbourne. What were you Doing down There?

Nick: Yeah, so, in 2007 I moved to Melbourne... just because it sounded fun.

I did more of the same down there really, just tried to find a few small artist run spaces to exhibit in - I did one show with Projects Gallery in Collingwood. And I also completed a Masters in Fine Arts at RMIT in 2010.

Q: And How about a Bit of Bio.... Everybody Loves a bit of Bio!

Nick: Haha, um... I am 29 years old. I will be 30 in January. And I grew up chasing frogs and lizards and possums and wishing I had a pet everything in Avalon, Sydney.

Q: And, just Finally, the works Pictured here Come from your Current Exhibition - What are the Details for That so people can go Check it Out?

Nick: The exhibition's being held at Manly Art Gallery & Museum. It's entitled "A Poke with a Stick," and its running from 23rd November - 2 December, 2012.

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