Monday, 22 October 2012

Tasmanian Jewels

There is seriously something in the air in Tasmania that creates amazing jewellers. We're not sure if it is the weather, forcing these creative types indoors and around the furnace, but whatever it is - it is inspiring stunning creations! Working in a variety of materials, and with very different outcomes, are jewellery labels Mabel, Vitreous Enamel Jewels and the work of Linda van Niekerk.

Mabel are a husband and wife team that hand-make visually textural pieces. Unsatisfied with the unengaged molding of resin, the couple began salvaging ply-wood and acrylic sheet, creating interesting bold shapes formed from layering these materials. This mixture of the shiny black, white and/or coloured acrylic and the raw, natural quality of the wood creates an interesting dynamic.

Megan Perkins, the mind and hands behind Vitreous Enamel Jewels, is another brilliant Tasmanian who hand forms her pieces. Adding not only colour and substance, but a sophisticated edgyness, these pieces make a statement. Perkins makes a range of geometric jewels, as well as simple floral forms.

Winning a conglomerate of awards for her designs and having recognition both here in Australia and overseas, van Niekerk is an established jeweller of elegant and versatile designs. Her beautifully incomplex creations are formed without the use of soldering and instead she loops pieces through one another, so that a sense of flow becomes essential to the design.

All of these crafty, innovative, interesting and beautifully engineered pieces are available through various outlets all throughout Australia and online. Please see their websites for details.

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