Tuesday, 10 July 2012

OF LIGHT in The Thousands!

YOLK Collective have received a first bit of major press for OF LIGHT with an article in The Thousands by Bethany Small!!!

"It’s always fun to catch a ferry, right? And thanks to the Biennale it is very on-point to be doing so in search of art right now. This makes YOLK Collective‘s choice of an ex-Scout Hall in Mosman Bay (10 minutes from Circular Quay) as a venue for their first exhibition and the launch of the first issue of their magazine a really excellent call. But even as great as boat rides are, they are not even close to being the most exciting and interesting thing about this group and this show.
YOLK Collective are three Art History students from COFA who have joined together to promote and provide a platform for new and emerging artists and for new and interesting thoughts about art. This first exhibition they’re putting on is a group show of work that considers and uses light both physically and conceptually. Pieces in the show might depict light or emit light, or reflect ideas of light as it relates to knowledge or energy. It’s a pretty abstract idea but a fundamental one, and it has a lot of generative potential. It’s a nice apposite starting point for a group with this name… now let’s all egg them on! (Sozz.)" - Bethany Small

Go to: http://thethousands.com.au/sydney/look/yolk-collective-of-light/

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