Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pretty Porcelain: Samantha Robinson

Pretty Decal Cups

Samantha Robinson creates wonderful handcrafted ceramics in her studio in Alexandria. You can see her work on her website, in a number of galleries around the world and her shop in Double Bay. Robinson's ceramics often feature colourful decals that have been hand applied. Often organically shaped, her Pretty Decal cups make for wonderful presents for tea lovers.

YOLK Collective's favourite design of Robinson's would have to be a tie between her 'Take-away Cups' and her 'Watermelon Bowls'. Both cast from their retrospective namesake, they are visually irresistible. Robinson decorates her 'Watermelon Bowls' with green and red decals representative of the skin and flesh of the object their shapes derive, and the dotted and striped textures of her 'Take-away Cups' cause one to feel like they're holding precious versions of the real things.

Robinson also creates thin tubes of porcelain that are held together in such a way as to look tike paper. These 'Illuminators' fulfill their titles as they glow once a flickering candle is inside them. As they are glased on the inside, they also double as vases. Due to our upcoming exhibition 'Of Light,' we're a tad obsessed with these beauties at the moment!

Watermelon Bowls

Take-away cups

Plates & Illuminators

See a whole new range of Robinson's work at her exhibition 'Object, Odject' later this year.

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