Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kimura Custom Motorcycles

Shinya Kimura was born in Old Town Tokyo, 1962, brought up surrounded by the sound of machinery and the smell of oil and steel. Kimura experiences a sort of spiritual zen when riding his artistic, custom motorcycles - an experience unalike their aesthetic violence. His practice is influenced by the realm of art and design as much as mechanical engineering - "I cut steal of bend aluminium depending on how I'm feeling at that moment." For Kimura, a motorcycle is more than art. His innovative style of customisation, assorting parts of Harley-Davidsons and pre-'60s Triumph and BSA engine components, is an exhaustive process that takes many months. Kimura uses the old Japnese aesthetic of wabi sabi (austere refinement), creating harmony (wa) via the beauty of raw materials. He now strives not only to gain recognition as the pioneer of a new aesthetic, but also as the creator of pieces he dubs "functional art."

Check out his company Chabott Engineering.

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