Monday, 21 May 2012

David Alan Harvey in Sydney

This year's Head On festival (open to June 3) attracts presenters and participants from across the world, offering an international array of photographers across all genres. It is Australia's largest photography festival, yet maintains a unique model - with events stretching from the Bondi Pavilion to the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP). This past weekend, YOLK Collective attended a talk by esteemed magnum photographer - David Alan Harvey - at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). With approximately three hundred in attendance, Harvey's interactive lecture spoke to both his iconic photographs, and four decades of work experience - contributing over forty articles for National Geographic magazine.

David Alan Harvey was born in San Francisco, 1944 - discovering photography at age eleven upon purchasing his first Leica. Harvey began conducting significant series into social inequity from age twenty. Living with an African American family in Norfolk, Virginia, published in his book "tell it like it is" 1966. As the hour drew to a close, Harvey illustrated his shift toward photography in the realm of art, rather than journalism. Nonetheless, his Cuba series maintains a Hunter S. Thompson "gonzo" influence - an artistic endeavour in the first-person narrative, at times, even sardonic and humorous. In fact, a significant role in his photography is the influence of great modern literature - from Hemingway to the profound influence of D.H. Lawrence's novel, The Plumed Serpent.

Harvey has been a full member of the prestigious Magnum Photos since 1997, and has since put his energy toward supporting emerging photographers. Providing a emerging photographers fund, alongside his role as publisher and editor of BURN Magazine - a publication showcasing the work of emerging photographers in great variety. Present at the talk were both Andrea Barbato and Candy Pilar Godoy - not only as designer and photographer - but as subjects in Harvey's new series and publication, Based On A True Story. Watch the video to see how you can rebuild and interact with this innovative and multi-narrative book.

Photographer: David Alan Harvey
Layout and design: Bryan Harvey
Producer: Eva-Maria Kunz
Coordinator: Diego Orlando
Production: Andrea Barbato, Michael Courvoisier, Candy Pilar Godoy

Most importantly, be sure to catch Head On festival, curated by Moshe Rosenzveig. Our pick would be ACP's exhibition of David Alan Harvey's Based On A True Story - free entry to June 17.

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