Friday, 27 April 2012

Takanori Aiba - Bonsai Architectures

Takanori Aiba, born 1953 in Yokohama, Japan, studied Japanese traditional textiles at Tokyo University. Aiba began his career as a freelance illustrator, making significant contributions to the Japanese fashion magazine POPYE. Since 2003, Aiba has channelled his effort into three dimensional works that combine his knowledge and experience as both illustrator and architect. 

These micro-architectural Bonsai worlds are the origin of his creativity. Bonsai was originally born in Heian era in Japan (794-1185). Since its invention, Japanese Classical Bonsai has portrayed the beauty of nature in miniature. Cultivating a modern Bonsai style by adding a theme of the spiritual accordance between civilisation and nature in miniature, Aiba meshes his experimental flair to the traditional practice.

These extraordinary and chimerical imaginations aren't pipe dreams, more akin to real buildings and spaces. Aiba depicts not only the outline but every conceivable detail. If you explore any small part of his works, you find amazing stories and some unique characters. Bonsai reflects the Japanese traditional aesthetic sense of expressing the magnificence of nature in a small potted plant, yet, Aiba's work goes far beyond the bonsai world determined by plant physiology.

Explore Takanori Aiba's Bonsai art here.

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